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Event posters are highly creative pieces of design, they represent the diversity of brands that the entertainment industry has to offer.  To design an event poster is no ordinary exercise in graphic design, the event you’re throwing isn’t ordinary, it comes with it’s own character and that needs to be expressed.

You want your poster to be memorable, attractive and eye catching, as any poster design should be.  With a history of specialising in branding and marketing for the entertainment, events and music industry, your brand is in safe hands.
Have your event posters designed by an artist with extensive experience creating event posters for the hospitality and entertainment industries.  Delivering event posters/flyers, promotional posters or event posters, for one off events, music events, club nights, entertainment events or formal occasions with accompanying flyer designs.  The owner of Creative Projects AUS, Emma, personally brings with her a specialisation in this area of design.  Being a event poster designer in Australia, means you have to be in touch with the latest trends, it’s almost an exercise in keeping up with Fashion because otherwise you may look like you’re throwing a 90’s karaoke gig at a country pub!
 Stand apart from your competition
 Communicate how you value and position your brand
 Express your character
Designed by specialised designers




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Gig posters for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, across Australia, as well as posters for the New Zealand market, Auckland and Christchurch.