Pendle Inn TV Screens

Bar TV advertising for Pendle Inn, a Sydney-based pub.

High-impact digital advertising for several specials, these TV screens accompanied their eye-catching poster designs.  Pendle Inn introduced a new special a day in late 2016/early 2017, including Chicken Schnitzel, 1kg hot wings with beer, 500g rump steak, buy one- get one free- meal deal, seafood specials, pizza and pasta, cheeseburger and beer, along with an overall menu design of the specials.  The aim was to achieve bold designs, each with a unique colour palette and linked together through the use of typography.
Designer: Emma Penrose.

Chalkboard inspired food advertising on TV

successful restaurant marketing ideas sydney NSW

TV Screen design for restaurant marketing at Pendle Inn NSW

Pub meal deal poster and TV screen designer in Australia Oysters and mussels special advertising graphic design  TV Screen advertising double cheeseburger and beer special in NSW Australia

Eye-catching restaurant advertising for bar in Sydney

Graphic design for a special a day at Pendle Inn pub in Sydney

This project included: Digital graphic design, flyer design, specials menu design.
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