Shopify Customisation & Web Banners

E-commerce website set-up through Shopify customisation and web banners for Creative Project’s sister business, printing luxury business cards. 

This site ran on Shopify (an e-commerce platform), the web design was built from a customised purchased theme, from there, code adjustments were made, pages established, content created and products added. Each product had its own professional shoot, used for both web banners and its product page. The web banner designs were simple, like the site itself, delivering simple messages and letting the product images take centre stage and speak for themselves.
Photographer & Designer: Emma Penrose.

Customisation of Shopify theme for The 560 Press website

Front page for The 560 Press website

Sample Spot UV business card web banner design Rich Life by Design business card web banner

This project included: Shopify customisation, web design, product photography, web banner design.
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