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Why do I need a Vector of my logo?

Why do I need a Vector of my Logo? What is a Vector?
A common request from us will be that we are provided with a Vector of your logo when we are working with your brand.  You can learn more about what a Vector is here.  It’s essential that we have one but the reason behind why is often a mystery for most.  You have a JPG or PNG file of your logo that looks just fine, it’s nice and clear, why do we need anything more?
Well it’s all about scaling, if we ever go to scale your logo up, 9/10 it’ll end up a pixelated mess and that reflects on your brand and business.  Vector logos aren’t made of pixels, they’re basically just made up of colours assigned to areas.  They can be blown up to the size of billboards or could cover the whole side of your building without distortion or pixelation.
So look professional, always have a Vector of your logo on hand (an .ai or .eps file).  We make sure to provide them with every logo design we produce as they’re essential to reflecting the value of your business.


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